Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 22

Day 22 is a website.

Okay, this was a hard one and instead of taking FOREVER to find a website to share I have decided to share my sister-in-law's new website for her company, Become Shoppertunistic, called GlamMore.

Here is an excerpt from her Bio:
"I am a SASSY seasoned teacher who is skilled at teaching you how to stretch your budget!  Getting everyday items for a fraction of the price, for free and sometimes even MAKE you money!

I have stiletto taste on a shoe string budget! This is how I live the glamorous life!"

An excerpt from a blog that explaining her website's name:

Why Do I Shop Strategically? Meet My G.L.A.M. Account!
Why do I choose to spend a few hours a week strategically shopping? Checking blogs, cutting coupons, and making a few trips to the store??? I do it for my G.L.A.M. Account! Before I started shopping strategically I felt like my budge was a bad word. Strategic shopping helps me to seize savings and stretch my budget!
Generous Gift Giving
We have a budget of $25 for a gift for someone. I wish that I had deeper pockets because I LOVE giving gifts! I have a VERY generous heart. However, our budget warrants a $25 price tag.
Instead of getting bummed out by this or allowing it to limit me, I find gifts that were $25 but are on sale! That means I can buy multiple gifts for the price of 1.
I also use my strategic shopping skills to get items for free that I can donate to the Food Bank or to Shelters. My current budget would only cover food and personal items for myself otherwise.
The money I save shopping strategically can go to spa services such as pedicures, hair cut and coloring, massages etc. Shopping strategically also provides the ability to buy new top shelf items at the drug store that otherwise wouldn’t be covered by my budget.
Lux Living
Strategic shopping is the key that bends my budget in the area of lux living! I say that I have “Stiletto taste on a shoe string budget.” Tiffany jewelry, Seven Jeans, Fendi products, Rock & Republic.....The list goes on! Strategic shopping doesn’t mean just using coupons it means seizing deals that help to stretch your budget. I LOVE Nordstrom Rack for this reason! They offer high ticket items at a discounted price.
Being a stay at home mom is also a luxury that my family and I enjoy. Shopping strategically helps us in this area too buy stretching our budget to make this a possibility.
The luxury of time. I LOVE Date Night with my hubby! We have the luxury of having Date Night every Friday and strategic shopping helps stretch our budget to cover the cost of dining out, going to a movie, or spending the night at a posh hotel (Pricelined of course).
We carry two mortgages, one on our starter home, now a rental, and on our dream home. Strategic shopping helps us stretch our budget to cover the difference on the rental home so we can enjoy our dream home!
Mind on My Money and My Money on My Mind
Shopping strategically frees up money in one area that I can spend on another! I say, “Save on the things you have to buy so you can spend on the things that you want!” NO one WANTS to spend money on lady products, but if you need them you have to or you find a way to get them cheap or for free! I then use the money that I would have spent on lady products to put into my G.L.A.M. Account!
Finally, strategic shopping is just that~strategic! My mind LOVES a challenge! I think of it as a game with a great prize!
There you have it! I hope that this inspires you to start shopping strategically and start your own G.L.A.M. Account and begin living the glamourous life! 

There you have it. If you want to save money go check it out.


Bella N Chief said...

You are rocking it out girl with your 30days! I am just now catching up after the weekend. But check out Day 28! All for you. ;)

Megan Dub-Yuh said...

OH I can't wait. I have a secret to staying on top of these... write a bunch at one time and schedule them to post on the correct day. Cheating? Maybe. Smart? Hell yeah!

Bella N Chief said...

I was pretty good at pre-writing, but then didn't want to get too far ahead of myself...and well, you figured out your way around the tough ones!!! But my next round of 30 might require cheating...hahahhahaaaa

Megan Dub-Yuh said...

You at least gave the hard ones a try. I just couldn't do it.

Rebekah said...

I love the the idea since I'm a stay at home mom, so checking out this website! Nice share!