Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 07

Day Seven is a photo that makes me happy.

I love my puppies so I chose a photo of Bubbles at Halloween.  I got Halloween costumes for the puppies (to torture them) because they were really cheap on the clearance rack at PetSmart.  When I came home I wanted to show my neighbor and so we put the puppies in their costumes.  Bubbles was a bee (Bubble Bee - get it? HA!), Princess was an angel (even though she is sort of evil) and Mac was a cow complete with huge milk utters.  I am going to be a very mean mom when/if I become one.

Mac and Princess were used to me torturing them every October and so they took their new costumes in stride, all while trying to sneak outside to ruin them, but Bubbles, our street dog (we had rescued him from the mean streets of Killeen where he had been abandoned and abused before that), was none too thrilled.  He sat on the couch or rug, wherever he was when you caught him, paralyzed just looking at you like "woman, you better get this off me or I will bite you."  That's about the time we put the hood on his head, pulled his ears through the holes and took this picture.

By Halloween he had resigned to his fate and the three of them entertained the trick or treaters in the front yard.  (I submitted this pic for a doggie calendar and he got picked for October!!)
The Bubble Bee

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