Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday (On Wednesday for me)

BellaNChief over at A Whole New World (see her cute button below) posted these Top 10 Tuesday questions and I felt like playing. I really am procrastinating... I don't want to make any more powerpoints or grade any more papers.  Plus, like the email survey before it I have a way of not being able to turn a Meme down.

1. What's your biggest pet peeve?

I have a few because I find myself easily annoyed in groups of people... Oh I walk through airports with a super pissy face on.  I don't know what it is about traveling that seems to bring the worst out in people and I am not just referring those around me but me too. 

But I am actually going to answer this question with when people lie when the truth would do just fine.  I understand that people find the need to lie to spare one's feelings but if it is something like you don't want to go somewhere with someone because you are tired why do some people feel the need to lie and say something like, and I exaggerate, their dog died and they are digging a hole.
2. Do you color your hair?  What color? Is it your natural?

Absolutely.  As I get older the nice shiny blonde I was of my youth is becoming dirty so in the summer I like to perk it up with highlights and occasionally in the winter (when I get around to a salon to have it done) I get my hair dyed a brown.  I love the brown too because it makes my green eyes pop in pictures.
3. What is one THING you can't live without?

Okay, I was going to say TV or internet but on second thought I imagine if I had to I really could go without but that would be provided I had a lot of stuff to read.  I like to stay occupied else I want to nap.
4. What's your dream car?

My dream car... since it is a dream it isn't affordable and very fast.  I love DRIVING cars, which is why I love having a manual, although my CVT is pretty sweet in my current, affordable car. So, I am not picky about color or design as long as it is high performance and fun to drive.
5. What's your favorite picture? 

My current favorite picture is... um... anyone with my puppies in it because I miss them so but this one of Bubbles and Adam is a classic.
6. Favorite scented candle?
I like any candle that smells like food and Apple smells top that list.  I think it's because I am from Washington State.

7. Do you have any videos on youtube? What's the website address?
Yes, I do, and I will be posting that soon on my 30 days of me but if you can't wait search for Megan... you may get to it.  But if you don't find me look up my sister in law at GlamMore... she is a crazy coupon cutter with the goal of using her savings to live the champagne lifestyle she has dreamt of... she also wants to teach you how.  She has many how to videos on her site and YouTube (keyword: shoppertunistic, I think).  Had to give her a plug.
8. What's your most embarrassing childhood event?
I had a crush on this guy in high school and my friend, Brenda, convinced me (she convinced me to do a lot of things) to drive by his house over and over again.  On one pass by his house she reached over honking the horn and about having me crash in to his fence in the process of getting her out of my lap.  She would also do that a lot after the convincing... take a choice moment to yell something embarrassing while you were already being sort of stalkerish.
9. What's your favorite style of shoe?
Shoes?  Did someone say shoes?  Where?  I need some shoes!!  I love shoes but pumps especially red ones are so sexy and make your legs look so long and lean.
10. Do you eat with a big or small fork?
 Uh... I am guessing the small fork is the salad fork or are we talking about the really small fork that is used for like escargot?? Bit confused on this question.  I just use whatever fork is in front of me (which lately there isn't a fork but chopsticks and a spoon)... no matter... but I did learn from Pretty Woman to work your way from the outside of the place setting in.  Who said movies about hookers aren't educational?


Tiffany said...

Learned a lot about ya snl! Thanks for the shout out too! Xo

Bella N Chief said...

Yay! Thanks so much for answering the questions and the plug!! Nice to see we share our love for shoes. My girlfriends and I will send emails thru-out the day of new shoes we've fallen in love with. Awful curse!
Check out my 30 days post of the You Tube video today. Ahahahahhaaaa.