Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am Procrastinating (And a Blog Idea Thief)

I saw this on a couple of blogs and so I thought I would do it too. I guess there is a Linky somewhere for it but I am not in the mood to track it down. I just want to do something that isn't grading papers or writing Lesson Plans right now.

Speaking of LP's the parents at our school asked for a month of teacher lesson plans a head of time so that they can "prepare" their students... UH, can I say Hell to the No. I, one, don't have that kind of time for 4 preps, and two, don't need the students prepared ahead of time because that would leave them bored and uninspired. I am going for entertained and engaged in my classroom and that is hard enough without them knowing what we are doing walking in the door - Sorry, Rant over.

Now on to the Random Questions madness...

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
--I hate Monday.

2. How much cash do you have on you?
-- I have a little under 100,000 Won and like 10 USD.

3. What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?
-- Poor

4. Favorite planet?
-- Uranus - It is funny to say and it happens to be the planet that rules my Zodiac house.  HA!

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
-- Adam, he is the only person who calls my phone here.

6. What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?
-- I have a cheap prepaid here and it has like 4 ringtones... I chose the one that sounds like something from a Disco Porn.

7. What shirt are you wearing?
-- I have a black tunic on under my SHS hoodie.

8. Do you label yourself?
-- I hate labels.  I think they never fully describe who you are and I am so much more than a simple label.  Most labels that could define me I abhor.

9. Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently wearing?
-- Polo Association furry boots... I love them they are comfy and stylish AND I can go around singing "boots with the furrr."

10. Bright or Dark Room?
-- Right now the sun is shining through my blindless windows so it is bright I like it to be less so though.

11. Did you do anything to celebrate John Lennon's 70th?
-- No, I wondered what all the JL hub-bub was about.

My watch
12. What does your watch look like?
--Chanel J12

13. What were you doing at midnight last night?
-- Sleeping, really well too.

14. What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
-- Something in Korean that was a spam.

15. Where is your nearest 7-11?
-- Um, In the US?!?

16. What’s a word that you say a lot?
-- English, Please... My students like to ignore me.

17. Who told you he/she loved you last?
-- My hubby in an email.

18. Last furry thing you touched?
-- My boots.

19. How many drugs have you done in the last three days?
-- BC, Advil, Allegra, Vit B12.

20. How many rolls of film do you need developed?
-- Do people still develop film?  Where did this question come from 1997?

21. Favorite age you have been so far?
-- 24/25 was pretty good.

22. Your worst enemy?
-- Procrastination

23. What is your current desktop picture (extra points if you post it.)?
-- Me at Gatwabi - This has points? I want points for using abhor in a sentence earlier, then.

24. What was the last thing you said to someone?
-- Nope, that was the only problem I have had so far (when asked if my smartboard was acting right)

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be?
-- I would want to be able to fly.  I could always steal some money and fly it to my fortress of solitude.

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