Monday, October 18, 2010

The Temple of 10,000 Buddhas (Manbulsa)

Last weekend we took a trip to Manbul Temple in Yeongcheon.  This is called the temple of 10,000 Buddhas because there are well 10,000 Buddhas including a 30m tall Buddha on a hill.

If you are interested in more info on Manbul Temple go to  You may have to get Google to translate it.

The trip started by picking up one of my fellow teachers and then the GPS took us on the longest slowest route possible hitting every light on the way when we could have just hopped on the Expressway and paid a toll and be done with it.  Damn technology.  The 30-40 min drive ended up taking twice that plus we missed our turn to the Temple and had to make a U-turn.  Oops.

Once there the temple spread out over a large area.  Overall, it looked to be under construction which took a way a little bit from the experience.  The gift shop man although unable to speak English was very helpful and gave us free souvenirs and also maps of the temple.  The temple switchbacked up the hill ending at the 30m Buddha.  The paths were a bit rustic but they weren't too hard to walk.  At every plateau there would be something to see so you just wander your way through.  On the way down the hill to the parking lot from the 30m Buddha we came across a herd of deer that were sheltered there.  That was fun and they weren't scared of us so it was a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, enjoy our pictures.
Prayer Wheel
Prayer Wheel Rack

Bell Tower
Path up to the lounging  Buddha
30m Buddha in the background.

All the Buddhas had the green mustaches and beards. 
Wall of an altar.
Feet of the lounging Buddha
Lounging Buddha - Loved the Shimmery Toga

Us - In front of the 30m Buddha

One of  the deer on the way down.


Poekitten said...

It looks like wasn't as crowded as the last temple you went too. Great pictures!

Nina said...

Very cool - thanks for sharing pics!