Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Show: Mike & Molly

I feel the need to preface my new show posts with the fact that I am not trying to do a professional review.  I just want to give a blurb about what it was about and what I thought of it that way if you are on the fence about it you might take what I said to either watch it, DVR it or avoid it.  I just love TV so why not post what I think.

Okay, so Mike and Molly.  I am going to start with what I think: this show is adorable.

It is about Mike (a Chicago Police Officer) and Molly (a school teacher) who meet at an overeaters anonymous meeting.  They are both socially awkward and their attempts to go on a date have proved to be heartwarming and hilarious.  Molly lives at home with her mom (Swoozie Kurtz) and her sister.  Whenever these two are in a scene they steal the show.  They are hilarious.  In this episode the sister tells Molly, "you know what they say, it's better to have too much lube than to not have any."  HA!

I think the fat jokes are a little excessive but overall I laugh for the full length of the show.  I recommend you watch it if you like to laugh.

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Rebekah said...

I totally think this show is super cute too, but I haven't DVRed it yet. I'm still on the fence about it I suppose - I'll watch it when it's on if I'm still watching tv at that time. I really love the actress who plays Molly (Suky - spelling - from Gilmore girls) so I can be loyal to her. :D