Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Atheism Challenge: Day 4

Disclaimer: These are my beliefs and feelings.  I don't ask that you subscribe to what I say but I do ask that you respect me and keep nasty comments to yourself.

Day 4: Do you think religion is obsolete and should be wiped completely off the face of the Earth, or does some good come out of it?

I don't really see the need for religion.  Most people use it as a crutch or even worse a reason to do horrible things.  You shouldn't need a book to tell you how to be a good person you should just do the right thing because it is the right thing.  I think if more people used rational thought, facts and deductive reasoning to live their lives and make their decisions and not make those decisions based off of fear and myth then life would be more peaceful and civilized.


Adrienne said...

Agreed :) I love these questions! :)

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

This is by far my favorite one yet! Love this!