Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things Students Say THURSDAY

I am super excited about this Meme because I have been wanting to take the time to write down the hilarious things that students say for a very long time.  They just have wonderful minds and no filters and what better combination could you have.  Anyway, if you have things to share then please head over to Every Branch and add to the Meme!

Okay, I have a couple this week.  If you are my Facebook friend that you probably already read this.

1. I have a student who is very much obsessed, for lack of a better word, with Vampires.  She loves the Vampire Diaries and even did her Biology Project on Vampirism.  Being that I also love the Vampire Diaries this is a topic that she wants to discuss with me quite frequently.  The other day she was asking me about the latest episode and while we were discussing it she tells me that she fears she is becoming a Vampire because she has lost interest in her rice at dinner time (I live and am teaching in Korea so not eating rice is a very disconcerting thing).  After a few more questions about her losing her appetite she did confess she has been eating a lot of junk food before dinner time and was disheartened that she was not becoming a Vampire.

2.  When taking attendance the other day I saw some of my 8th grade students were marked as being on a Field Trip.  Being that they were in my class I asked them what field trip they had been on that day.  At first they were very confused but eventually one of the girls told me this: "We have been working very hard in Mrs. C's class and so she let us take a field trip to our mind.  It was very relaxing."

I have many more but I will save them for another day.

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