Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lost in Translation

I really should use this story for a Things Students Say Thursday post but I can't resist.  A month ago our Headmaster from the US came to visit and check up on things.  I was telling the students about his visit and letting them know they should make sure and tell him how much they love me.  When I was telling the students about the visit I called the Headmaster the BIG DOG.  I had one student who just sat there looking very confused.  Then in Korean she asked the student next to her something and that student laughed.  Apparently, she had been confused on why I wanted her to go tell a DOG that she loved me as a teacher.  Nevermind that a DOG was in charge of the school or flying here.  It was all very funny.  I had to then explain to her the American colloquialism about a Big Dog being a person who is important and in charge. So funny.
{not my picture} The BIG DOG on campus.

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Erin said...

The next time I come across a dog, I'll let it know that you're a good teacher. ;)