Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tell Me Your Story About...

I was thinking yesterday about how many states are passing legislation affecting educators.  I really haven't found any of these that have been very supportive of educators, either.  If you Google Teacher Cuts you will get an article from pretty much every state.  Some states are wanting to get rid of Mrs. A and Mr. T to replace them with computers... COMPUTERS!?!  How are computers going to inspire our youth that Math is fun or to help them find the wonder in History?

It saddens me, as a teacher mostly, because the failure of American Education isn't solely in the teacher's hands.  When it comes to education it does take a village and there is a trinity here that must be whole and healthy to make education work.  The parent must be present and must care about the student's education, the student has to have some want and will to work at his education, and finally the teacher rounds out the equation.  The first two you can't force on anyone.  Our country is going to need a complete paradigm shift to get the first two to improve.  That won't happen until we can indoctrinate future generations to the importance of education and not about how rotten it is to the core.

So, let me get to the point.  Let's tell the world that as Americans we did learn something from a system they call FAILED and that there were teachers in our lives that MADE A DIFFERENCE (something a computer will never be able to do).  On your blog Tell Me Your Story About... YOUR EDUCATION and link back here.  I hope we can spread out a positive message about American Education and most importantly American EDUCATORS!

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