Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things Students Say THURSDAY #4

I am now really looking forward to Thursdays and really need to start writing this stuff down so it is easy to remember.  Thank to Erin for hosting!  If you are a teacher with a blog you HAVE to play along.  OH! And don't forget to play along on my Tell Me Your Story About... {It's an important topic that is near and dear to my heart.}

This week my student intern has started taking over classes starting with my 6th graders.  They were very reluctant to have a change in guard and I had one turn to me and say, "Teacher, I don't want her to teach me."  To which, I said, "Too bad." She then proceeded to tell me that she didn't want the student intern because "she was just a student" and to ask "what if she teaches me wrong?"  I told her that this is how all teachers learn and that I was still going to be here to make sure that she wasn't taught wrong.

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Ms. Megan said...

Last Wednesday I had 2 absolutely ridiculous comments from kids in my 7th hour. First, I was asked, "Ms. Miller, did you make your shoes?" Uh yeah, I spent all last night melting and molding rubber, harvesting and spinning flax into cloth which I then dyed hot pink. No, no I did not make my own shoes. Sheesh!

Next one of my girls blurted out "Ms. Miller, I'm related to my 2nd cousin". Lord help me!