Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things Students Say Thursday #5

Today has been a funk of day.  I am in desperate need of changing my focus to the forest from the trees and calm the eff down.  You know, all that don't sweat the small stuff shizz.  Yeah... I need to do THAT!  Anyway, this week I don't have a long story to tell you but one simple thing said by a Sixth Grader who had us to tears from laughing.

A little background:  For the last few weeks the 6th graders, who are in the English Club, have been prepping for a debate.  The Club sponsor had let them pick a topic from a list and they choose... you will never believe it... GAY MARRIAGE.  The boys had the Con side.  Really I could stop there and tell a story about 6th graders prepping for a debate on this topic.  In fact, at one point they were talking about the semantics of it all and I had to make them change the subject and then after school called the sponsor to ask her what the hell she was thinking giving them this topic.  *Breath*
Their debate was last Thursday.
Tuesday this week my student intern says, "Hey, how did your debate go?" to one of the boys as he was getting his hall pass.  Before he had a chance to answer one of the girls said, "Awful.  They were so inappropriate."
To this the boy got a sly grin on his face and he said, "I like inappropriate things."
I don't know but the combination of the topic and the look on his face when he said it had us all in stitches.

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