Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Education Story (via Email)

Yea! One of my former colleagues took a minute to write down her Education story for me since I have been whining about it on FB.  Keep 'em coming... it makes for a happy Megan!

DON'T BE LAZY! Take a minute and do something important and share YOUR education story.  You don't have to be a teacher because we have all went through the American Education System and SURVIVED... better for it! Don't forget to link back.

Without further adieu here is her story (which she typed on her iPhone and I am super impressed at her mad phone skillz):
I have a few. As for myself, I had teachers that helped mold me into the teacher I am. My junior high teacher Mrs. B, taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade all in the same classroom. It was during that time I realized I was meant to be a teacher and I strive to be as good as Mrs. B. My high school Algebra I teacher helped realize I was good in math and encouraged me to advance in that subject.

So now for a couple of the kids that help remind me why I teach. There are always kids each year that touch your life, but I'm going back to my first year teaching. I barely looked older than my juniors and seniors in PreCal. I worked hard to make things make sense for them, but sometimes you feel like you just could have done better...especially your first year. These two students happened to be juniors. As seniors they had to write a thank you note to a teacher that impacted them. Carl, when in my class, pushed me and tried to break me. Didn't cry in front of them but the first week of school during my first tough lesson Carl pushed as hard as he could. Of course after class I was in tears but I made it through the class. In his thank you note, he thanked me for pushing him to do his best and work hard. I was so amazed and touched by that because he was one I thought I didn't really impact and he tried as hard as he could to break the newbie. The other student was Abby. She was a sweetheart, worked hard but struggled through my PreCal class. She would come in for tutoring all the time and I would try to show her all the different ways I could to help her understand. Her thank you note the next year touched me, because I didn't feel I was going above and beyond what any teacher does (I still don't think I was) but she appreciated the fact that I would continue to help her on the same problems when she didn't understand. She also thanked me for showing her that women could do math. Being that I was only 4 years older than my students, I think it was for her to not only see a woman teacher but a young woman that made a difference.
Of course there is always more but those are just a couple of kids that touched my life (obviously since I remember their names and I taught them in the 99-00 school year.)

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