Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things Students Say THURSDAY #6

Another week down.  My brain isn't working quite right thanks to a howling puppy last night.  Ugh!  Anyway, here is my entry for this week:

Background: On the Last Period of Day 2 of our Block Schedule each grade has Study Hall or as we call it Learning Lab (LL).  I have the privilege of having 6th graders for Learning Lab.  AND the librarian only allows 4 students from each LL at the Library at a time.  They are allowed to go to the library for 30 minute blocks that they have to sign up for at the beginning of class.  Okay, I think you have enough information for me to tell the story now.

In Learning Lab this week my student intern (SI) was signing up students for the Library, one student had already signed up and left to the library.  This is the conversation I heard:

Student: "Can all 5 of us go to the Library together?"
SI: "No, only four can go at a time."
Student: "But 5 of us have to go."
SI: "Only four can go.  You have to split up.  Who wants to go now?"
Student: "A, R, J, M and T"
SI: "Only four can go!"
Student: "But we have 5."
SI: "You all can't go.  ONLY FOUR CAN GO!"
Student: "Okay, then A, R, J and T to go to the Library now."
Student: "That is four."
SI: "S is already in the library so that would five.  ONLY FOUR CAN GO!"
Student: "Yeah, only four of us want to go now."
Eventually the students realized that since S was in the library only 3 of them could go and so they picked 3 to go.  The best part is that they only wanted to go check out a book.  Not to research or use the computer lab so we were extra confused on why they HAD to have 5 go together.

Later, in the same class, they were being way too loud for LL so I stepped in a shut it down making them work in silence till the bell rang.  They couldn't accomplish this and in the end owe me another 20 minutes of silence during the next LL.  But on the threat of silence I get asked this question:

Student: "Mrs. W is Ms. A in charge of everything but giving us silence?"
Me: "Nope, she can do that too.  It's just I am meaner than her."

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