Monday, April 18, 2011

Build A Sign Review

I bet you all have heard of  They are the really cool company that not only allows you to customize your own signs, banners and stickers but they also offer free customized banners to our troops and their families.  These are great for homecoming celebrations!

A while back I was contacted by Megan (awesome name!) at to try out their site, customize a couple products of my own and then write a review of the products I got.  It took me a minute to find the time to sit down and really play around with the site plus I am not too terribly creative.  Megan offered to help me with the creative part but I was determined to do it myself.  Once I got going I was designing a lot of things with ease: banners, stickers, parking signs.  I was on a roll.  I may go back and purchase the other designs that I made because they were pretty cool.
Screen Shot of the Start Page of
On the site you have a multitude of choices for your design.  Once you decide on the medium you will design you can choose from the many pre-made templates available or start from scratch.  I started from scratch and it was so much fun adding all of the elements that are available in the editor as well as my own pictures.  My only learning curve was that I had to add the elements in the way I wanted them to lay on top of each other with the element I need on the bottom first.  If you didn't add them in order then you wouldn't be able to move it to the front or back and it would cover up what you were trying to do.

Now let me show you what I designed:

The sticker is inspired by one of my Things Students Say Thursday stories from a couple of weeks ago.  It has become a sort of motto for my 6th Grade Students.  I still giggle when I remember the boy with his sly grin telling us this.

The sticker is really high quality and looks great (even if my picture doesn't do it justice).  Megan sent me enough stickers to give out to my students and I know they are going to love them.

When trying to come up with ideas for my designs I really wanted to do something for my classroom.  I spent a few hours looking for great Math quotes and finally landed on this one by Paul Halmos.  It fits so well in the math classroom because the students are always asking why we have to do so many problems.  Now I can just point at the sign.

This is one of the parking signs and it is made of metal and is really heavy duty.  The paint is slightly sparkly, too, which I LOVE!  I can't wait to put it up in my classroom.

I want you all to RUN not WALK on over to and get yourself something today.  And if you have a family member coming home don't forget to check out their Signs for Troops program.

I was given these items free of charge by build a sign to be able to review the products.


Sara said...

I did a review for Build A Sign too. I was so impressed by their website and products. Your stuff is so cute!!

Akeem Oladoja said...

i don't really understand this please enlighten me more

Megan Willingham said...

Not sure what there is to understand.

Jenna MOMenvy said...

I LOVE BUILDASIGN! I had them do all of my marketing material! I am in love!