Friday, May 27, 2011

Driving in Korea

If you are in the US let me tell you even the craziest drivers are nothing compared to Koreans.  It is like Grand Theft Auto here... except the damage is expensive.  We have, thankfully, only had to replace a mirror and a bumper so far.  This video I took today while driving home from the Post.  My iPhone was mounted on my dash so you get the dash mostly but watch the bus weave around in traffic.  THIS IS TAME too.   Too bad I didn't have the camera on a couple minutes later when I almost got sandwiched between two BIG buses.

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Adrienne said...

Now that we're in Germany, everyone here says that the Germans are crazy drivers... All I can retort is that... "Man, you never need to go to Korea then... Because those EFFERS are CAH-RAY-ZAY!!" The driving here in Korea is PERFECTION compared to Korea!! ;)