Sunday, May 22, 2011

NEO Training, Y'all

Friday, I get an email from Adam, "Sorry, babe, you have to go to the NEO drill TODAY.  Sorry there was no notice."  I was at work and with some advance notice I could have easily went and had mine and Adam's box checked off.  We had testing and I was down one class anyway but no notice.  At first, I was really upset about the lack of knowledge because these things don't get planned over night and clearly someone had dropped the ball but then when I got to thinking about it if this was really a drill then having no notice is even more accurate.  In the event of a real NEO evacuation I would just have to go without notice.  Before this realization, though, I was pissed to have to waste my Friday evening when I was tired from work.

Let me back up.  In case you have no clue what NEO is here is the 411: It is what gets activated if something bad happens and we need to get the heck out of dodge.  This could mean moving us further down the peninsula or moving us out, if necessary.

Friday, was just practice.  Practice for us and practice for the personnel involved... so we practiced.  Everything went smoothly for me and I got some really great info about services on post that had nothing to do with the NEO drill.  As far as the drill itself I didn't learn anything I didn't already know but got my boxes checked off!!

When I left the house Adam said, "don't worry you are going to fail all the stations we don't have our stuff right."  Then had me promised to "be nice."  He could tell I was super pissed off about the whole situation AND I have been changing my eating habits and totally going through sugar withdrawls ON TOP OF IT ALL!  So, to my surprise, I got all GREEN LIGHTS at the drill.  We had our shit together!!

The only waste of my time of the night, really, though, was at our BN with MY NEO warden.  The woman who was responsible for not letting us know we had this drill to begin with and she not only made me wait while she had a personal conversation not once but TWICE BUT she also had me fill out a piece of paper that I had completed already.  She hadn't bothered to check and just assumed I didn't have it and when I started filling it out I realized it was familiar and found it in my packet.  This is when I stood up and said, "I'm good to go," interrupting her conversation about her daughter and she said I had to wait while she made copies.  UM, beeyotch, could have been making copies.  UGH! It was after 6PM and I was about to lose my composure especially with one station standing between me and the door and that was the one where I turned my check sheet in.  You can believe you me that my husband got one hell of an earful when I got home.

Well, folks, there you have it.  My NEO drill experience.  Obviously if something really goes down here on the peninsula I won't be able to share that info with all of you my loyal readers but if you read my preparedness post a while back you know I am PREPARED.

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