Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thursday Stuff

I am still waiting to learn about my followers so don't forget to answer my fun and fluffy get to know you questions.

Here is my Thursday Jam - The linkup is hosted by Goodnight Moon but I have managed to lose her URL.  I will update when I find it. UPDATE: Her blog lives here, I was typing .com and not .org.  My Bad.

I love Jack Johnson.  In fact I have seen him live with Ben Harper at the Gorge Ampitheater in George, Washington and despite stinky hippies trying to sit on our blanket and yelling at us for not singing along to "support Jack" it was an awesome concert.

We had this song in our wedding mix that played while the guests were arriving.

Now for Things Students Say Thursdays

"Missus, Missusususus Dub-Yuh! I have a joke about Catholic school that my brother made up.  Are you Catholic?"
"Then what the heck do you believe in?"
"I believe in Science."
"OH! You mean you believe in that crap about us coming from monkeys and stuff.  I can't possibly come from a monkey because I don't like Bananas. {pause} So, I can tell you my joke since you won't be offended?"

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Amanda said...

We listen to him in the car a lot- love him!