Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Treasures of my Hometown

I grew up in CLE ELUM, Washington.
Picture from townmapusa.com
If you have ever travelled along I-90 you would have passed by and seen the sign that says "EZ Thru Access."  In college, most people would go "yep, I know where that is.  I peed there" and later in life when I moved out of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) I would say, "you ever watch Northern Exposure?  It was filmed there."  The Northern Exposure thing really doesn't work anymore because people just don't remember it.

Here are a few reasons why you should take a trip to my hometown:

Coffee - There is Pioneer Roasting Company right in town making the whole town smell like delicious coffee. There are also lots of other wonderful coffee shops with my favorite being Gunnar's which uses my ALL TIME favorite coffee, D&M Coffee from Ellensburg.

Mexican Food:  I have lived in the Southwest and in Texas and no Mexican food compares to El Caporal.  If you love Mexican food you need to hit Tino up for a meal.  Their salsa is the best... I could drink it.

The Lake: There are actually a LOT of lakes around Cle Elum.  The closest in Lake Cle Elum and if you keep up the road you can get to many more as well as Cle Elum River.
Lake Cle Elum.  Picture from usbr.gov
Teanaway: If you head the opposite direction of the lake towards Wenatchee then you will get to Teanaway.  Here you can explore the forks of the Teanaway river and if you go all the way to the end of the road you will get to trailheads that take you to more crystal blue lakes.  This area is full of mushrooms and huckleberries you can gather in the summer... just watch out for bears, bobcats and elk.
The road down from the trailheads at the top of Teanaway North Fork.

Roslyn:  This is where Northern Exposure was actually filmed.  It is a historic coal mining town that has become a bohemian paradise.  While here you have to check out the Roslyn Cafe sign, Roslyn Theater with its mural on the back (and get some yeast popcorn), and the oldest operating tavern in the Northwest, The Brick.
The Roslyn Theater Brando mural.  Picture from examiner.com
The Brick
MommyTaco in front of the Roslyn Cafe sign.  Her Picture.
Pretty much there is a little for everyone here.  History, outdoor activities, food and culture.  I love it!

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Jane said...

I stopped by from MFF and then stayed to read the rest of your blog. :) I love Cle Elum! I use to always stop there when driving through Washington for gas, coffee a bite to eat and it is just the cutest little pit stop town.