Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 4: The Soundtrack to Your Wedding

I am going to expand on this and give you more of the soundtrack of my wedding:
The Men walked to the front of the ceremony and the Bridesmaids entered to this song:

I am not a country music fan but my aunt had put the lyrics on my wedding website as a sort of irish good luck poem and when looking for a song for this part of the wedding it was sitting in the kitchen in front of me (mom has the cd) and I just had to use it.
Our Groomsmen with Adam in the middle.
Our Bridesmaids with my MoH at the top with me.
Then came me and my parents to this song:

I wanted both my parents to walk down the aisle with me and buck tradition... my mom was not a fan but she did it for me and told me to breath the whole way.
I look a hot mess... Can you tell I can't breathe?
We our recessional song (I love me some Frank!):

We're Married!
Adam and I had our first dance to this song:

Look we're dancing.
I had my Father-Daughter Dance to this song:

This may about the point when he said, "You can't dance." Nope, I can't.
This is the song for the Mother-Son Dance:

Wonder what they are talking about.
Dancing was super important for me at my wedding. I wanted to have a ceremony with a big party which is one of the reasons we picked New Year's Eve for the day and dancing wouldn't be complete without a dance to this song:

Can't lose my champagne.
Or this song:

Love this picture.

I am going to end this post the same way our wedding ended at Midnight.  I hope you enjoyed my trip back to December 31, 2005.

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*~BrittDill~* said...

I think you had some great songs at your wedding. I know "I Hope You Dance" will be played at our formal wedding, but I am just not sure when. I think I may do it for the whole bridal party. Also I love the song you danced with your father to!