Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 5: Ideal Future Career

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The Teacher Rollercoaster
I used to be an Engineer in a previous life.  It was a good career path, for the most part.  I loved making things on the computer and then watching them be created out of metal and used to make things work.
I used to supervise the building of these.
... and these.
But then I decided that I needed a job that was a little easier to travel with considering what my husband does for a living.  I tapped in to my love of mathematics and my hatred of sitting all day at a desk and decided to go in to Education.  I can tell you I am not going to go back.  My heart is 100% in to it.  The students are what makes it and although I had thought that the At-Risk kids would  be my least favorite they now hold a special place in my heart.  I mean, how can they not?  They struggle at life but still manage to keep their chins up.  I love the voracity of the human spirit.  Anyway, my love of math and my passion for education has developed me in to one BA teacher!!


Julie said...

Awesome! My brother is in school to become a junior high math teacher :)

Katie said...

Thank God for Math teachers with passion! I love Jimmy Falons character in Fever Pitch. I would have loved a teacher like that. Good luck and have fun!