Thursday, July 28, 2011

Political Philosophy Quiz

I took a political philosophy quiz at Political Quiz Dot Net.  I am procrastinating on doing my school work and reading news about Congress so I thought I would see if my political views/affiliations have changed much.  I have never used this quiz before but it "seems" to have employed some science to it.  Here are my results (which were about what I thought, except the Libertarian part):

The Quiz

The following are your scores. They are based on a gradual range of 0 to 12. For instance, a Conservative/Progressive score of 3 and 0 will both yield a result of social conservative, yet 0 would be an extreme conservative and 3 a moderate conservative

Conservative/Progressive score: 9
You are a social progressive. You generally consider yourself a humanist first. You probably think that religion and patriotism go too far in society. You probably consider yourself to be a citizen of Earth first rather than a citizen of your country.

Capitalist Purist/Social Capitalist score: 10
You're a Social Capitalist, you think that, left to its own, Capitalism leaves a lot of people behind. You think that Health Care should be free to all, that the minimum wage should be raised, and that the government should provide jobs to all that are capable of having them. You likely hated the Bush tax cuts, and believe that the middle class has gotten poorer, and the rich have gotten richer over the past several years. The far extreme of social capitalism is socialism.

Libertarian/Authoritarian score: 2
You are libertarian. You think that the government is making way too many unnecessary laws that are taking away our innate rights. You believe that the government's job is primarily to protect people from harming other people, but after that they should mind their own business, and if we give the government too much power in controlling our lives, it can lead to fascism.

Pacifist/Militarist score: 1
You're a Pacifist. You are angered that the United States thinks it should dominate the world through its military force. You think that the only time war is necessary is when we are in direct danger of being attacked. You also believe the US spends way too much of its money on defense, as we can practically cut it in half and still easily defend ourselves, and use that money to fix all our economic problems.

Overall, you would most likely fit into the category of Democrat


Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower through the MilSpouse Fill-In.
I took one of these tests before. It put me in the Libertarian category.

Megan Dub-Yuh said...

YEA! Welcome! I have taken a different one before for a class... I don't remember what it said I was then.

Julie said...

I need to take this test! Curious what it would say. I find myself liberal on some issues and then more libertarian on others. Guess I am just a political