Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

Here in Korea they are constantly having a festival for something: Learning, Arts, etc.  This weekend I got invited to go to the International Bodypainting Festival.  I had wanted to go last year because I had been told it was a must see but it had been too miserably hot to actually get out and go.  This year the weather was still warm but a lot more tolerable.  Since the IAAF track championships are also in  town right now traffic has been crazy so not only did I get to experience this festival but I also got to experience the bus and subway system of the city.  Anyway, there isn't much to write about for the festival so I will just show you the pictures.  We got there during "fantasy makeup" where they wear clothes and we walked around while they were painting for the bodypainting portion which is without clothes.  Overall it IS a must see festival if you are in town.

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