Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Teacher Bag (and Classroom, too)

This morning I was looking at my teacher bag and decided to blog about it.  Just for the fun here is what is in my teacher bag.  The only thing that hasn't been replaced in the bag for this year is a bottle of Excedrin and some chocolate (aka My Sanity).  Enjoy.
A good movie... you never know.

A healthy lunch... this is only 250 calories and so num.

Random stuff... these are containers for the art teacher.

Avon's Anti-Rub stick... my feet are not in teacher mode yet and I hate blisters.

An USB hard drive

Pens, Pencils, Highlighters... and chapstick.

Hair accoutrement... and scentsy smell I am trying out to stimulate minds in my room.

I am a math teacher.  This baby got me through college!

This is at the bottom of the bag... one googly eye.

My iPad... I take notes at meetings on it and sometimes I need a break to read one chapter of my book and take my mind off.

My work keys con whistle.

My camera... this one was given to the whole staff by a parent last year.

Top view... aren't my shoes cute?

From the side.  I love this bag... cute and durable.
And if you are curious here is what my class looks like 2.5 days before students.

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