Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just a little taste

I know I have been a SLACKER... do you forgive me?  If not, oh freaking well, right?

Here is something for you to remember I still exist in the real world despite my absence here in Blogger world.


  1. Leggings and sweater dresses... they are just so damn comfortable I feel like I am cheating my school's dress code plus they are damn sexy with my favorite things of all time - BOOTS!!
  2. Egg Nog Creamer - especially since my espresso machine broke and I have been having to drink drip coffee again.
  3. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing body lotion... winter here in the 'Gu brings some nasty dry skin and I will unconsciously scratch till I bleed.  Got to nip that in the bud now before I scar myself.
  4. ZUMBA - I know I am jumping on this fad train really late but I am enjoying channeling my former life as a high school cheerleader.
  5.  My students.  I have the best group this year.  Many of them have great personalities, senses of humor, work ethic, potential and they are so affectionate.  I don't a day without one of them telling me they love me and giving me hugs.  I really miss this part of my time here in Korea.
What makes your top five right now?

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