Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things I Love About Korea

I know I mostly complain about the culture shocks/differences I have trouble with while living here in Korea but I want to talk about the things I LOVE.

  1. It is safe here.  Koreans, in general, are not kleptomaniacs like most Americans.  You can leave things laying around and feel safe that they will be there when you get back.  At their form of "Walmart" called Home Plus they have pallets of merchandise out on the parking garage ramp unsecured and unmonitored.  Also, once my friend left her iPod on a city bus.  She rode a few different buses on the same route hoping to catch the same one again and find it but without luck.  The next day she had a Korean speaking person from our school call the bus company and sure enough someone had turned it in and she got it back!
  2. They do random acts of kindness.  Today I was waiting in traffic in front of a grocery store.  Ramen shot off of the table in front of the store.  A minute later a man walked by, picked up the ramen and rearranged it on the table and then went back on his way.
  3. They love to give gifts.  I have never gotten so many random gifts from students and parents ever in my life.  I get gifts at conferences.  I get gifts just for helping a student out.  It is pretty awesome getting gifts for non-gift giving reasons.
  4. You can drive as fast and as crazy as you like except in front of the traffic cameras.  OKAY, this can be kind of annoying sometimes when you are on the receiving end of some crazy driving BUT when you are the one driving like a maniac that is pretty damn awesome.  I like to pretend I am a pro car driver.
  5. My students are super affectionate.  They are always giving me hugs (they are pre-teens/teens), telling me how pretty I am (and how handsome my husband is) and how much they love me.  I am going to miss these kids so bad when I leave. 

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