Monday, December 5, 2011

Two Funny Stories...

Okay, one might be funnier than the other but both of them had me laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.  They just might be one of those "you have to be there" sort of things but I thought I would share (especially since I have been MIA lately).


Background: Last weekend we had friends over for a belated Thanksgiving dinner and I was drinking my go to drink, Skinny Megan Margarita (Fresca and Patron).  {I know Margaritas and Turkey dinner don't exactly go together but it is what my hubby made for me and you have to drink a drink once it is in a glass... at least that is the rule at our house.}  By the end of the night my husband had made me a drink that I was too full to drink so I poured in in to a water bottle to save for later and put it in the fridge.

Fast Forward to Monday: Early morning hubby leaves for PT and grabs his water bottle from the fridge. {Do you see where this is going?}  He goes to the gym, does about an hour of a workout before doing any hydration.  He has the end of a sinus infection so he can't smell so well.  Opens up his water bottle and takes a big swig... only to choke on the burn of tequila (he had added water to it so it was super diluted).  Everyone around him had smelled the liquor though and were looking at him... and his workout buddy pulled him aside in the locker room to talk to him.  HA! HA!


One of my students, who is Korean, was doing Sheldon (from the Big Bang Theory) impersonations all class.  Everytime he said something "funny" he would laugh like Sheldon and he would repeat himself three times.  No one else in class got it but I was dying because it is one of my fave shows.  Just imagine this boy... it was awesome.


Julie said...

Oh man, those were funny. Especially the first one...LOL

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