Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Time,Oh, How It Flies...

Writing this post is bittersweet.  We have less than a month left here in Korea, and as much as I been wanting that day to be here, I am sad to be leaving.

Three years ago when Adam left to go Korea the idea of actually living there was just talk.  A few months later I found myself there visiting Adam and getting a feel for what it would be like if I took that step and moved there.
This is where we decided I would move to Korea... in a Chinese Restaurant in Busan.
The following July I had packed up all my stuff, dropped our dogs off at my parents house and arrived in Daegu, South Korea.  It was sweltering hot and I was frustrated every time I had to try to communicate with someone who didn't speak English.  The people seemed to be pushy, angry and rude.  These were all my first impressions which I have learned are not true.  Most Koreans are kind, affectionate and considerate people.
August saw me starting my job at Daegu International School.  It was a brand new building that we got to mold in to the school that we wanted.  We all walked in with a lot of work ahead of us and so many expectations.  I was frightened to be teaching sixth graders after being with mostly 11th and 12th graders until then... and having to prep for 4 different classes that ranged from G6 to Geometry (and now Precalc).  My students have been a source of frustration and immense pride.  I will truly miss them.  Working in this private school setting has allowed me to get closer to all the students than I ever would have at a public school.  I have come to find I am more comfortable in a public school setting but being able to experience this private, international setting has been a chance of a lifetime and has allowed me to grow as a teacher and a person.  It is walking away from these students that saddens me the most about leaving Korea.  I am sitting here typing this as my 10th grade Geometry class works on their homework and finish their projects and I am fighting back the tears as I think about leaving them.  I wish the best for them and can't wait to see where they end up in the future.
Remember that time we had to sit in a Government Office after school?
Halloween... Math Style
Amy and I on Crazy Hair Day
(Some of) My 9th graders
(some of) My 6th Graders
Old Ladies v. Young Ladies BBall Game
Teachers demonstrating the twist
Me MC'ing Pi Day Ceremonies... this girl is telling us what she learned that day.
Yeah... I'm in Korea
First Day of School... 2010
First Day of School... 2010
First Day of School... 2010
J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!
Yep! That's my student!!
Artwork for a Geo Project on trigonometry.
Zumba Club!!
Notes on my board.
From the students
Elem. Grade Math Club
Tennis Club
Asleep at the wheel
NHS/NJHS at the park
Jane and I at the park for NHS/NJHS... to help Red Cross serve food.
Precalc working on the computers
Precalc working on the computers 
Erica taking a test.
Grade 9 Geometry demonstrating the Centroid of a triangle.
Jenny and Stephanie working on their Unit Circles.
Isaac, Christy, Stephanie, Chrissy and Jenny (Precalc) taking a break in the Spring sun after a lesson.
I have also made some lifelong friends here in Korea.  I have friends who I plan to keep in contact with after I move back home regardless of where they will be (East Coast, The South, Asia, Africa)... it is super exciting.
Brittany and I at the temple of 10,000 Buddhas.
Amber, Becky and I in Shanghai
Most of all Korea is the time when Adam and I got to spend the most uninterrupted time together.  The Army wasn't going to come calling and send him somewhere while we were here, which is one of the reasons why we decided to go on this big adventure.  We have been married for 6 years and together for 8 years and most of that time have been spent apart.  We had gotten really good at being apart and that was scary.  I am not going to say that getting used to living together again hasn't been hard because it has been excruciating at times.  We are still together and happy.  We are talking about starting a family soon even.  I think once we get through our last few hurdles we are going to come out blazing brighter than the sun and I am not longer scared that we live better apart than together.
Kissing Room at WooBang Tower
Throughout these two years Adam and I have tried our best to get to see Korea as best as we could.  Our favorite thing to do was to go see temples and we have seen quite a few, although hardly seeing all that Korea has to offer.  This coming weekend we are even planning to go to the DMZ and my students are scared for me.  HA!  We have seen everything from towering buddhas, to gold buddhas, to monks who wanted to feed us and everything in between.  From Seoul (soon to be DMZ) to Jeju we have explored this country that is roughly the size of Indiana.  It has been a great two years that I will always cherish.
Christmas Gala
Enjoying Christmas Dinner... it was cold.
It is snowing... and we live there.
Adam and our Monk friend, Seh Neem
Daegu International Bodypainting Festival
Me at Dorimsa
Jeju Island
I'm driving... in Korea!!
Pensive at the KBBQ on a Friday night.
At the mall.
In China getting molested by a little scamp.
Treking up to Gatbawi
Finally at the top of Gatbawi
Temple of 10,000 Buddhas
TP is the napkin of choice at restaurants... these were the cute dispensers.

At Seomun Market... they have a bunch of these shops that just look like a disaster waiting to happen.
Students were helping me learn my numbers.  They use TWO number systems... confusing.
There is so much I am going to miss about Korea and this barely scrapes the surface but I just wanted to share a glimpse in to what my life has been like for the last two years.  It has been a crazy rollercoaster ride, for sure!

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