Friday, August 14, 2009

Poor Baby!

I wake up this morning after a fitful night of sleep. Although having my top sheet back was glorious especially a newly washed super soft top sheet, every time the dogs barked I was convinced that someone was lurking or breaking in to my home. I am usually not this paranoid but my dogs don't normally bark this much. Okay, they do when Adam is awake moving around the house. Bubbles thinks he is my personal security. But we all know that last night Adam wasn't up moving around the house. So, I was paranoid with every bark trying to strain my ears to hear what it was that was making the dogs bark. Never figured it out and eventually would fall asleep till they barked again. Then when I finally woke this morning for good I checked my email from bed on my phone... I am lazy, I know... and I had like 4 emails from ADAM!! I should have known that four emails from Adam was not a super good thing. Turns out that Korean Air charged him $550 for his baggage when he checked in for his international flight. His flight was a Delta flight that was operated by Korean Air so when he was researching his baggage limit he had called Delta. They had told him what any airline operating in the US would tell him and that is any traveler flying on military orders is allowed up to 10 bags or 1000 pounds. Since that is A LOT Adam knew he was okay with his four big bags. HA! He was okay on his American Airlines flight out of Killeen but that was it. Korean Air was not honoring the military orders baggage policy and hence the huge charge. Adam was pissed but paid it since had no other options and sent me an email to call Delta this morning. The rest of Adam's emails entailed that although Korean Air charged him for the excess baggage they didn't bother to put that baggage on his 14 hour flight. So, that when he arrived to Incheon, Korea he was without ANY baggage until the next flight could bring it to him. I hope he packed some undies in his carry on. Been there done that but not in a foreign country. THEN to put the icing on the cake he had gotten sick on the plane. He had a fever and was throwing up through the whole 14 hour thing. He had been upgraded to first class through this whole mess thankfully. BUT since he had gotten so sick when he got the airport he had to be quarantined and tested. I guess as standard procedure they test you for swine flu but he had other tests on top of that. Poor Baby!
Fast forward to now. I call Delta as I am asked and talk with a very nice and helpful man who does all that he can to remedy the baggage charge problem for me. Saying that it is a shame that they would charge him especially since he was going over there to help defend their border and that we waive the fee for Korean soldiers when they fly in the US. He was more pissed about the situation than I was if you can believe that. Unfortunately since it was Korean Air that charged us Delta can't give us any money back and we will have to request that the Army pay for the fee. Sucky. BUT he told me to write Delta Corporate office and they would probably send me some flight vouchers to try and make it right because like him they would be very sorry we had to deal with all of this. I was very impressed with his customer service levels. So spread the word that Delta Air has awesome customer service because they do!
Well, now that I have done all that (even written the letter) I am off to bathe and get dressed. It is my last Friday of summer vacation. I can not believe that it has gone so fast. I am going to go see The Time Traveler's Wife with Audrie and then go have a birthday dinner for her afterwards. She has said something about us going to the Salsa club after dinner but we will see. Clubs and Killeen, Texas are just not two words I ever use together.
Okay, have a great day! I am out!

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