Tuesday, April 20, 2010

O Stressful Night!

Last night I woke at 11 pm.  I looked at the clock and thought no problem.  I was hot so I turned the AC up.  My ears hurt AND I had heartburn so I went and medicated myself.  Then I laid back down and expected to go back to sleep but sleep wouldn't come.  All I could think about was moving.  We had turned in our transportation paperwork yesterday and just needed to get a phone call telling us exactly when they would come to pick up our stuff. 
Since Adam is going back to Korea at the end of this month this would have to be taken care of by me in the middle of May... which means taking days off.  I was trying to count the number of days I had taken so far off in my head and just couldn't.  No worries though because I got to work today and I have taken 5 days and I have 10 remaining!  Even with my upcoming Vegas trip I am good to go except for having a sub deal with my kiddos for a week in May and planning for that.  I ramble though. 
The other thing worrying my brain was the cars.  Apparently if you move within the US you are "authorized" two vehicles but if you move out of the US you are only "authorized" one.  This means you can either STORE ONE or SHIP ONE!  We have two like most American families.  UGH!  I was trying to work out what to do with Adam's gigantor truck for the two years we are gone.  We have decided to offer Adam's sister and brother-in-law to use it in exchange for taking care of it and saving us storage fees.  This will be the best option.
Then I began thinking about what I am going to do for the week after the house closes and I have school still but no where to live.  With the three dogs this makes my life difficult.  A lot of hotels let you have one or two but rarely three pups no matter size.  I can kennel them if I have to but I would rather not.  Also, along those lines I have to find out lodging for my road trip home to WA before the move to Korea with the pups.  Hell, I may just take our tent and stay at KOA's or something.  If anyone has any tips/tricks/suggestions about traveling long distance with pups and lodging please share.
Lastly, I was fretting about this budget project I am trying to put together before the TAKS test next week for my class to work on after the TAKS test.  I am no where near done with it.  I need to scale it back some too because I think my scope is too big.  Ah being a teacher.  Oh plus, I had gotten a bad note about one of my classes which used to be a good class but has developed a nasty attitude and I was thinking about the words I would use to chew their butts.
Now I know why I have stayed put in Texas even though I hate it... moving SUCKS!
After two hours of laying there agitated by my thoughts I gave up rolled over curled up to my pups and thought happy Sidney Crosby thoughts.  Shh! Don't tell my hubby.
Finally Let's Go Pens!  It's game 4 tonight on Versus.

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