Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Want to Blog

BUT I can't think of something to write so this is going to be a free flowing ramble of thoughts, most likely.

It is Thursday and I am not too excited about this.  I agreed to help with the tennis club because we needed someone to help since almost 30 students signed up and I have to help with an after school activity.  I played tennis in High School and off and on for fun but haven't picked up a racket since about 2002.  It has been almost 10 years.  I love the game but my husband doesn't play and now that he has a bum ankle from having broken it there is no hope of ever convincing him this is a fun sport.  Why I am not excited about this?  Because there are 30 kids who range in ability who don't want to listen to me because this is an after school activity AND the tennis courts they bus us to STINK like poo.  The club is supposed to be fun and as far as I know they aren't supposed to be developing their skills so that part is a relief but I want to keep them all engaged and maybe even interested in making this game part of their lifelong experiences.  That may just be the teacher in me.  On top of this I have all of my other responsibilities and after school habits that have to change on Thursdays.  I just have to deal, I know... but I would like to be excited about it because that would make my life so much easier.

On a very side note: I am loving the Genius feature in my iPod.  Whenever I get to a song I really enjoy listening to I click the little icon and it sets up a new playlist from my library that it thinks would go with the song I liked.  I have 3000 songs and if I just listen to them on shuffle I don't hear most of them so the Genius brings up to the surface songs that I forgot I loved and that I even had.  It is the best feature on my iPod, by far.  If you haven't tried Genius on your iPod give it a whirl you might find a new favorite song.  Speaking of favorite songs... what is your favorite song of the moment (mine always change)? Mine as of this morning is Plain White T's "Write you a song."


Tiffany said...

Dynamite by Tiao Cruz! W have family dance party when we hear it! Miss ya!

Natalia said...

I love the Genius feature! I have everything from Country, Led Zeppelin and African to 80s Big Hair Rock, Bob Marley and Renaissance music, so when I put it on shuffle I REALLY don't know what I'm gonna hear. I "discover" all kids of new music that way!!