Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Show: Law and Order: Los Angeles

Who doesn't love a good Law and Order show? I have enjoyed all the different franchises to date unlike CSI where I couldn't stand New York.  I was very sad to hear the original L and O had been canceled last spring  but then it was announced that there would be a new one set in LA.
The show started off like any L and O show with something bad happening to a random person.  In walks Skeet Ulrich as one of the detectives and off we go.  Always liked him as an actor.

The show was full of beautiful people and beautiful places including reality tv shows, couture fashion and stolen jewels.  The body count just kept rising as the detectives tried to figure things out and it is all adding up to the L and O MO of "ripped from the headlines."  Then throw in Oded Fehr and we have a show.

I am going to call this one  by saying, if you are already a L and O fan be it the original, SVU or CI then you should watch this show because it should fill the void of the original being gone.  It has the Law and Order portions that are missing from CI which is also true to the L and O format.  It isn't an L and O you should start watching the franchise with though... SVU is better for that.

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