Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Show: Better With You

I love Joanna Garcia.  I really liked the show she was in on the CW, "Privileged," and I was so sad when it got canceled.  Then she was on Gossip Girl but she was a bitch and that wasn't good.  So, when I saw she had a new show I had to give it a shot.
The who premise is something we have all seen before, the dynamics between three different couples in complete stages of their couple hood.  This time the three couples are related.  Two are sisters and the third is their parents.  The first couple is Joanna Garcia's character and her boyfriend.  They have only been together for weeks and they are expecting a baby.  The second couple is her successful sister and her boyfriend who have been together for a while without a commitment.  The last couple is their parents with their father who is just entering retirement and driving their mother crazy.  Overall, the show is pretty cheesy and very sitcom predictable.  There are funny moments, though.  It could go either way with this one and if you aren't watching it yet don't really worry about fitting it in your tv schedule... it may not last.

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