Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Add Pages Tabs in Blogger by Label

NOTE: This is only if you want to add a Page Tab that shows a feed based off your labels or an external URL.  If you want to create a page that is simple like a regular blog post them go to "Posting" and select "Edit Pages" in your dashboard.  BUT if you are looking for something a little more complicated then read on.

1. Go to Design in your Dashboard.
2. Select “Edit HTML.”
3. Check the “Expand Widget Templates” box.
4. Search (Ctrl+F) for <b:widget id='PageList1' locked='false' title='Pages' type='PageList'>

5. Scroll until you find </b:loop> {About 12 lines down from the line you searched for.}
6. Hit Enter a few times to add space after the last line and before the next set of code.
7. Copy and Paste the following code (with the bold part changed to match your website).

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageTitle == &quot;Blog Awards&quot;'> 
<li class='selected'><a href='http://megandubyuh.blogspot.com/search/label/Blog%20Award' title='Blog Awards'>Blog Awards</a></li> 
<li><a href='http://megandubyuh.blogspot.com/search/label/Blog%20Award' title='Blog Awards'>Blog Awards</a></li> 

NOTE: To find the URL for your label go to a post with that label and then click on it.  Copy and paste that in to the code above that is red.
NOTE: This [in blue] is the Title of your Page tab you will see on your blog homepage.

8. Save Template and View Blog
9. To add more pages like this simply copy and paste the code in #7 again changing it to your different label.
10. If you would like the Page Tab to link directly to another website (your other blog) then replace the red above with the other websites URL.


Adrienne said...

Megan, there is an edit pages button under the POSTING tab, when posting in Blogger... :/

It's much less labor intensive. Although, I could see how this could be helpful in adding a page that links to another site.

Megan Dub-Yuh said...

Adrienne, this is for if you want to have a page that you didn't create for Edit Pages... it is when you want a page that shows all of your already created posts that have one set label so that you don't have to create a new page under Edit Pages that have a list of links or copy and page. WAY LESS WORK! But if you want a completely new stand alone page, ie. About Me, then you would use the Edit Pages section under posting or the Edit Pages widget.

Adrienne said...

OooooooooooooooooooOOOOO Gotcha, sorry :/ Thanks for sharing though! It took me a minute to understand what you were saying! Hahaha. Heh.

Tiffany Dirks said...

Feeling like a tech tard. On a mac does the Control F function still work? I can't find the text to change. Help please:)

Penny said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing it.

I wonder if you can tell me how to separate it from the pages tab though. I would like the label tabs I created using your tutorial to appear first in the list of tabs and then my pages tabs.

Can you help?

I'd also like to see just a thumbnail and 1-2 sentences form the post when it returns all posts from a label query, but that's probably a whole other post. :)


Penny said...

oh, my blog address is http://adhdmomma.blogspot.com. that might help.

Admin said...

I want to remove the space between pages tabs and labels tab in my blog.Can anyone help me please???
my blog is http://smsgifts.blogspot.com
If removing space between pages tabs and labels tab is impossible then can i merge both kind of tabs into one another?