Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things Students Say THURSDAY - numero tres

Here is my next installment... This week has FLOWN by... woo.  56 school days left till summer vacay!

A little background: Two weeks ago I assigned quarter projects to my Algebra 2 and Geometry students (Eighth and Ninth Graders).  Yesterday, I had two boys from my Algebra 2 class catch me in the hall after school:

Boy1: "Teacher, can you change the due date of our project to next week?"
Boy2: "We talked to everyone in our class and they all want it changed."
From the lockers behind us a snort of derision.
Me: "All of your classmates are not done and EVERYONE needs to have the due date changed?"
Another snort from the lockers... one of my A+ students had her head slightly in her locker.
Boys in sync: "Yes, Yes, everyone."
Me: "Boys, tell me why haven't you been able to complete your project?  When did you start working on it?"
Boy1: "Yesterday."
Me: "So, you are telling me you just started your project yesterday and want me to change your due date?"
Boys: "Yes, yes."
Me: "And why didn't you bother to start your project till yesterday when we have had 1.5 class periods to work on it?"
Boy2: "We had a lot of tests and stuff for other classes. We want to turn in our very best projects."
Me: Shaking my head, "You just need some time management.  This attitude won't fly in college where classes are harder.  I will think about it.  If my answer is yes I will post on the blog."
Boy1: "Really? On the blog?  When?"
Me: "Tonight if the answer yes."

Let me just tell you.  The answer wasn't yes.  They really shouldn't have told me they just started working on it yesterday. I mean really?  Plus, the A+ student said that half the class was finished anyway. HA! Everyone my arse.

On another note, when my students email me to ask me a question they ALL always put "Dear Mrs. W" as the subject line.  They also always start the email with "Hi, this is So-n-so from your Math Class."  As if I didn't know who they were.  Cracks me up.


Adrienne said...

Ah! What turds, trying to pull one over on you! I would have just said no to begin with! LOL. If I was ever a teacher, my students would hate me! lol

Jessica said...

How funny!

Erin said...

I gave mine THREE problems to finish up last night. Do you think any of them did it? NOPE! *sigh*